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Page history last edited by rentdownstairs 11 years, 8 months ago

Kasiari - the home of Sol Invictus and the wizard Feala.


Tardim - we saved this town from the evil Stratham unleased. We slew a large reptilian horror named R'ishann in the local kaer.

Kasi - west of Kasiari

Vassan -

Teldt - I think this was the completely ruined town where we stopped to clean out the kaer. (?) Here there be snake horses.

Vara - I think this is the town that was under the dubious protection of the Queen's Mercy.

Haven - the nearest major city, about two weeks' ride from Kasiari. Heirmon dwells here.

Akarem - a town south of the Blood Wood, where the Mist Horror enslaved the populace and devoured captives. It is deserted now that the Mist Horror is dead.

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