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Thieves learn early to be self-reliant and how to steal. They draw power from their self-confidence and the knowledge that they must depend only on themselves. The abundance of rumors governing thief guilds means such groups do, in fact, exist, but the proof or disproof of their reality remains a secret.


Important Attributes: Dexterity and Perception


Racial Restrictions: Obsidiman, Troll


First Circle Talents:


Karma Ritual

Lock Pick

Melee Weapons

Picking Pockets

Silent Walk


Second Circle Talents:


Surprise Strike

Throwing Weapons


Third Circle Talents:

Avoid Blow



Fourth Circle Talents:

Thread Weaving

Trap Initiative


Fifth Circle Talents:

Detect Trap

Disarm Trap


Sixth Circle Talents:


Missile Weapons


Seventh Circle Talents:

Detect Weapon

Lock Sense


Eigth Circle Talents:

Conceal Weapon

Wound Balance


Use of Half-Magic:


Thieves may make Half-Magic Tests to build and/or bypass security measures intended to prevent theft, and to recognize different types of locking mechanisms. Thieves may also make Half-Magic Tests in place of Perception Tests when looking for traps and/or secret doors.

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