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The Hammer of Nemar

Page history last edited by Shieldhaven 11 years, 7 months ago

The Hammer of Nemar

Maximum Threads: 1

Spell Defense: 20


The Hammer of Nemar is a huge iron hammer with a handle as long as a human's arm, short enough for a troll to wield one-handed. Its surface is beautifully engraved, set with crystals and inlaid with orichalum.


Thread Ranks:


Rank 1


Key Knowledge: Must learn the name of the hammer

Effect: The hammer does STR + 7 damage in combat and adds +1 step to the wielder's Forge Blade talent. IIf the wielder does not possess the talent, the hammer provides it at Rank 1.


Rank 2


Effect: The hammer does STR + 8 damage and adds +2 steps to the wielder's Forge Blade talent. 


Rank 3

Cost: 800

Key Knowledge: The wielder must learn the tale of Nemar's death.

Effect: The wielder can use the hammer to locate deposits of living crystal, true elements or orichalcum for the wielder's use in making items (but not for other reasons). The wielder makes all Half-Magic Tests for finding and gathering such materials, but adds the thread rank to his Half-Magic step.


Rank 4

Cost: 1300

Key Knowledge: The wielder must learn about Nemar Firewalker's exile.

Effect: The hammer does Str +10 damage and can shatter non-magical/non-thread metal or crystal armor or shields with an Excellent or better success on an Attack Test. The affected armor or shield crumbles to pieces and is destroyed.


Rank 5

Cost: 2100

Deed: Unknown worth 1300 Legend Points

Effect: The hammer does Str + 12 damage and provides +3 steps to the wielder's Forge Blade and Forge Armor talents. Once per day, at a cost of 3 points of Strain, the wielder can strike the hammer against the ground and cause a minor earthquake in the surrounding area. This action has the same effect as the Fourth Circle elementalist spell Uneven Ground, with an Effect step based on the wielder's Willforce plus the hammer's thread rank.

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