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Swordmasters learn the value of a well-handled sword, training to demonstrate quickness and flash in a fight. Swordmasters often swagger a bit.


Important Attributes: Dexterity and Charisma


Racial Restrictions: Obsidiman


First Circle Talants:

Avoid Blow

Karma Ritual


Melee Weapons


Wound Balance


Second Circle Talents:



Throwing Weapons


Third Circle Talents:

Heartening Laugh

Missile Weapons


Using Half-Magic:


Swordmasters may make Half-Magic Tests to care for their weapons, know the history of legendary weapons, and recognize different types of swords and bladed weapons.


Bragging Rights Bonuses


A swordmaster who wins bragging rights for a particular tournament gains a +1 bonus to her Social Defense when dealing with anyone who attended that tournament. This bonus remains in effect for as long as the swordmaster maintains her bragging rights, up to a limit of one year and one day. In addition, bragging rights give a swordmaster the right to accept or turn down quests or heroic deeds before the opportunity is offered to any other of the swordmasters at the tournament.


Soul Swords


A swordmaster wielding her soulsword, the sword that is the character's perfect complement, may spend an additional Karma Point on any action taken with that sword. The gamemaster and player should keep in mind, however, that finding the sould sword and learning its secrects should take place as part of an epic quest. Very few swordmasters ever find their soul swords, let along rewrite legengs with them. Those who do are true heroes.

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