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Spell Stacking

Page history last edited by Christopher Mifsud 11 years, 9 months ago

Spell Stacking

Discipline: Elementalist, Nethermancer

Talent: Spellcasting

Rank: 9/9

Cost: 100


The Spell Stacking knack allows a magician to "stack" mutliple spells and cast them as a single spell against a single target.


If the patterns for all the spells to be stacked are stored spell matrices, the magician first weaves the required threads for each spell and then makses a single Spellcasting Test for the entire stack, using the highest Casting Difficulty of all the spells. The magician must take 2 points of Strain for each additional spell beyond the first.


The magician must achieve a Good or better success on the Spellcasting Test. If he succeeds, the spells have their normal effects. The magician makes a separate Effect Test for each spell. If the Spellcasting Test fails, none of the spells have nay effect, and the magician still takes the Strain from using the knack.


If a magician wishes to stack spells that are not stored in matrices, he must cast them using the standard raw magic spellcasting rules, with the following modifications. The gamemaster makes a single Warping Test and a single Horror Mark Test, but he combines the Circles of the Stacked spells to determine the effective Circles for the tests.


The Spell Stacking knack, may be used in conjunction with the Forced Spellcasting knack.

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