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Small Slayer

Page history last edited by Christopher Mifsud 11 years, 8 months ago

Small Slayer

Threads: 1

Weaving Difficulty: 6/14

Range: 10 yards

Duration: 3 + Rank rounds

Effect: Summons a poisonous creature

Casting Difficulty:6


With a low croon and slow, sinuous hand movements, the elementalist casting a Small Slayer spell can summon a tiny poisonous creature such as a spider, snake or scorpion to attack the spell's intended target. If the Spellcasting Test succeeds, the creature appears. Regardless of its species, the creature has an effective Attack and Damage Step of 8; its venom has a Step Number and Spell Defense of 8, with an Instant onset time and a Duration of 4 rounds. The creature's attack does not penetrate armor; however, the creature attempts to strike unarmored areas on the target's body until the spell expires. The summoned creature disappears at that point, or once it has attacked the target. The summoned creature has a Physical Defense of 8, a Spell and Social Defense equal to the elementalist's, and a Death Rating of 10.







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