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Read Write Magic

Page history last edited by Christopher Mifsud 12 years ago

Read and Write Magic

Step Number: Rank + Perception Step

Action: Yes

Skill Use: Yes

Requires Karma: No

Strain: None

Discipline Talet Use: Elementalist, Illusionist, Nethermancer, Wizard


The Read and Write Magic talent allows a magician to learn new spells and write them in his or her grimoire. Without the Read and Write Magic talent, a magician cannot learn new spells. A magician can attempt to learn only one spell per day. To learn a new spell, the magician makes a Read and Write Magic Test against the Difficulty Number of the spell. If the test is successful, the magician has learned the spell and can write it in his grimoire. This talent also allows magicians to read and write magical writing such as that on scrolls or magical glyths. The character makes a Read and Write Magic Test using the Difficulty Number of the writing. The success level determines how well the magician understands the writing. An Average success allows the magician to understand the basic gist of the text, but not any subtle or complex ideas it contains. A Good or Excellent success means the magician understands the subtleties or the text, though he might misinterpret obscure clues or riddles. An Extraordinary success means the magician completely understands the magical writing and easily deciphers any hints, clues, or hidden meanings. A magician may attempt to read or write one sample (up to approximately one manuscript page) of magical writing a number of times a day equal to his rank in Read and Write Magic.

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