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Read Write Language

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Read Write Language

Step Number: Rank + Perception Step

Action: Yes

Skill Use: Yes

Requires Karma: No

Strain: None

Discipline Talent Use: Troubadour, Wizard


the Read and Write Language talent allows a character to learn one new language for each rank of the talent. To learn a language your character must first have access to one written page of text in that language. If the character has a rank of Read and Write Language available and the written page of text, he can then learn a new language. To learn a language, the character makes a Read and Write Language Test against the Difficulty Number of the language as shown below. A successful test result means the character can now use the talent to read and write the language. Once a rank is assigned to a language, it cannot be used to learn any other language. Record the language your character learns on the Character Record Sheet.


Language                             Difficulty Number

Dwarven                                     5 

Elvish(Sperethiel)                        6

Human                                       6

Obsidimen                                  7

Ork                                             6

Troll                                            6

T'skrang                                      7

Windling                                      7


When reading another language, the character makes a Read and Write Language Test to see how well he understands what he is reading. The result determines the level of understanding. To understand simple sentences or ideas, such as "The sheriff’s house lies east of here," only requires a result of 2. Histories or legends containing some idioms or flowery phrases requires a result of 6. Magical manuals or other books filled with jargon specific to a field of study requires a result of 10. To understand philosophical treatises on the nature of magic or other writing filled with specialized academic language and abstract ideas requires a result of 13. When writing a language, use the same Difficulty Numbers as required for reading, depending on the complexity of the topic the character is writing about. Each Read and Write Language Test lasts for a number of hours equal to the character's rank in Read and Write Language. Reading a page takes 1 minute. Writing a page takes 10 minutes.



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