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R'ishann's Bane

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R'ishann's Bane

Maximum Threads: 2

Spell Defense: 10


R'ishann's Bane, also known as Farliss' Dagger has an ebony handle distinguished by a deep blue gem set in its pommel. The blade is made of shining steel, with blackened ruins etched on either side.


Thread Ranks:


Rank 1


Key Knowledge: Must learn the name of the Dagger

Effect: The dagger inflicts STR +4 damage


Rank 2


Key Knowledge: Must learn where Farliss lived during the Scourge and how he died.

Effect: The dagger's damage increases to STR +5


Rank 3

Cost: 300

Key Knowledge: Must learn the name of the Horror from whom Farliss drew blood while using the dagger.

Effect: The dagger now causes a Wound with every successful attack made against Horrors and Horror constructs.


Rank 4

Cost: 500

Key Knowledge: Must learn the last person to own the dagger and where he or she is buried.

Effect: The dagger's damage increases to STR +6


Rank 5

Cost: 800

Deed: The weilder must go to Farliss' tomb. There he must pledge to spread the legend of Farliss across Barsaive, sealing this pledge with a blood magic ritual during which he takes 2 permanent points of damage. This Deed is worth 500 legend points.

Effect: The dagger can now detect the presence of Horrors and Horror constructs the wielder must make a Perception Test against the Spell Defense of the Horror or Horror construct. If the test is successful, the gem in the pommel of the dagger glows a faint blue. The range of this ability is 500 yards. This ability does not provide direction to the Horror, but simply indicates that a Horror is within range.


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