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Queen's Mercy

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A group of elves discovered to be operating as Horror Hunters in the town of Vara. The elves consisted of a few adepts and a couple of trained soldiers. The adepts in the group where Tiali, a male elven archer, Fre'el, a male nethermancer and Kra'ya, a female warrior.


Queen's Mercy were in the middle of killing the "vampires" attacking Vara when Sol Invictus showed up. Aiding them in their battle the two groups spoke shortly about the creatures and their habits. The Queen's Mercy left for their camp after the encounter.


The next morning while wiping out the newly found elven "vampires" in the kaer of town Vara, the heroes discover the Queen's Mercy to be resting there as well. Revealed to be "vampires" themselves, the heroes destroyed them. The entire group they encountered were destroyed in battle, along with 14 more elven "vampires".


The heroes recovered two sets of crystal ringlet armor, a set of fernweave armor, a fern dask and a silver medallian shaped like the moon with a rose etched into it and a slight blood stain.


Ordien's Notes on the Queen's Mercy


During the time of the Scourge, when the kaer of the elves began to fail, the Queen of the Elves had two brothers in her service named Graylian and Sarcus. Graylian was an elementalist, closest in the Queen's confidence, and Sarcus was a nethermancer known for his depth of knowledge. As the Queen had refused the poisonous aid of the Therans, these two committed themselves to the search for a new answer to the threat of the Scourge, what would become the Ritual of Thorns. The brothers retreated to Graylian's Glen for the majority of their research.


One of the greatest of the Horrors, exceeded in power and reach only by the Wyrmslayer, is called the Bloodline, though his truename is not known. Sarcus bore a gift and a curse of the Bloodline's power, that men call vampirism. Of those cursed in this manner, Sarcus is one of the greatest, earning him a seat on the Council. The lineages of the curse pass along racial lines, so the Council is made up of the greatest of each race to have received the gift-curse of the Bloodline. They are his direct servants, and they have outlasted (possibly with some turnover in membership) many attempts to hunt them down. The power of the gift-curse diminishes by generational distance from the Bloodline; thus Sarcus is much more powerful than Graylian. The Bloodline derives power from the existence and strength of his servants, though only the destruction of a member of the Council will weaken him meaningfully.


Two treasures have been preserved in Graylian's Glen for a long age, and they now rest in the hands of Sol Invictus. They are the Amulet of Tear, a gift that the Queen granted to Graylian; and Graylian's sigil, the earliest example of the sigil now worn by the members of the Queen's Mercy. The Amulet of Tear holds Tear himself, a water elemental of exceptional power.


Sarcus left the Wyrm Wood when his gift was given. Once the Ritual of Thorns was complete, the Queen sent Graylian into exile. With a secondary implication of the horror that Graylian wreaked upon the elves of the Wyrm Wood, this is the event to which the "Queen's Mercy" refers.


The Queen has withdrawn that Mercy, and charged us with destroying Graylian. We first encountered some of the lower-ranking members in Vara, where they were fighting humans who were similarly cursed by the Bloodline. Internecine struggles are common, as each member of the Council seeks to diminish the power of the others. Further, it is in this way that the Queen's Mercy have been able to present themselves as heroes. It stands to reason that the Bloodline seeks to wipe out other Horrors as well; this would provide an explanation for the presence of the Queen's Mercy in the battle against the wormskull in Parlainth.


Inasmuch as Graylian still has a thread bound to the Amulet of Tear, we will use it to track him down. Ideally, the thread I have woven into his pattern item will give us an edge in battle.

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