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Purify Water

Page history last edited by Christopher Mifsud 11 years, 10 months ago

Purify Water

Threads: 1

Weaving Difficulty: 5/13

Range: Touch

Duration: 1 round

Effect: Willforce + 8quarts

Casting Difficulty: 2 or more


The elementalist smears a drop of the water to be purified on his lips, then casts the spell. Water that is merely muddy has a Spell Defense of 2; disease-ridden water has a Spell Defense of 5 or higher. Water that has been poisoned resists with the Spell Defense of the poison, which usually starts at 6.


An elementalist may use this spell to try to purify a beverage that has a large water content, such as wine, juice, beer, or milk. The elementalist must beat the Spell Defense of the beverage by 5 in order to purify the drink. If he beats the Spell Defense by less than 5, the spell removes all those flavorful "impurities," resulting in pure water.


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