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Pin Down

Page history last edited by Christopher Mifsud 11 years, 7 months ago

Pin Down

Discipline: Warrior

Talent: Unarmed Combat

Rank: 3

Cost: 100


The Pin Down knack allows a warrior adept to pin down an opponent after knocking him to the ground in combat. The knack can be used only against targets or opponents who have been knocked down in a previous round and have not yet gotten up. The warrior makes an Unarmed Combat Test against the target as normal. If the test succeeds, the warrior pins the target. The target can fight free by making a successful Strength or an Unarmed Combat Test against a Difficulty Number equal to the warrior's test result. The target's test is also subject to standard Knockdown penalties.


The Difficulty Number increases if the adept using the knack is especially heavy. If the warrior weighs more than the pinned character's lifting capacity, add 3 to the Difficulty Number. If the warrior weighs more than twice the pinned character's lifting capacity, add 6 to the Difficulty.


A character using this knack is considered knocked down for purposes of attacks made against him.

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