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Pierce Stechen Traverbero


Height: 6’1" Weight: 200lb Age: 37
Race: Human
Discipline: Swordmaster Circle: Fourth
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green Skin: Ruddy








Current Legend Points: 0/13800  

Legendary Status: 1


Attributes    Step Action Dice Times Raised
Dexterity: 20 8 2d6 2
Strength: 16
Toughness: 12 5 d8 1
Perception: 11
5 d8  
Willpower: 7 4 d6  
Charisma: 13
6 d10  




Defense: Physical 10, Spell 7, Social 7

Armor: Physical 13, Mystic 0

Initiative: Dex Step 8, Armor Mod -4, Final Step 4, Action Dice d6

Movement: Full 85, Combat 42

Strength: Carry 165, Lift 310


Talents Rank + Attr Step = Talent Step
Action Dice Disc
Karma Strain
Avoid Blow         N N N 1
Karma Ritual 2       N N N N
Maneuver 4 8 12 2d10 Y Y N N
Melee Weapons 5 8 13 d12+d10 Y Y N N
Taunt 4 6 10 d10+d6 N Y N N
Wound Balance 4 7 11 d10+d8 N N N N
Versatility 2       N N N N
(V) Steel Thought 3 4 7 d12 N N N N
(V) Surprise Strike 1 8 9 d8+d6 N Y Y N
Durability 4       N N N N
Riposte 4 8 15 d20+d6 Y N Y 2
Throwing Weapons 1 8 9 d8+d6 N Y N N
Heartening Laugh 4 6 10 d10+d6 N Y Y N
Missile Weapons 1 8 9 d8+d6 N Y N N
Blade Weaving 4       Y Y N N
Trap Initiative 1 8 9 d8+d6 N N N N






Broad Sword: Damage 7 (2x Forged), Total damage step 14

Short Sword: Damage 4, Total damage step 11

Daggers (10): Damage 2, Total damage step 9

Threaded Plate Mail: Armor 10, Mystic Armor 1, -3 initiative (2/4 Threads)

Footman's Shield: Armor +3, -1 initiative




Rune Carving (1), Cha




Dwarven, Human



Knowledge and Skills

Conversation (1), Cha

Etiquette (1), Cha

Flirting (1), Cha

Hunting (1), Dex

Knowledge: Legends and Heroes (2), Per

Seduction (1), Cha

Streetwise (1), Per




Death Rating: 62

Wound Threshold: 9

Unconscious Rating: 50

Recovery Tests: 2

Recovery Die: d8




Available: 25

D8, Max 40, 6/point




Like any town in the wilderness, Kasiari’s latest troubles with horrorspawn are not its first and will not be its last. Over thirty years ago, a particularly vicious wave of creatures assaulted the town. They were repulsed, but not before claiming the life of several townsfolk, including famed swordsman and town guardsman Doral Traverbero. He left behind three children and a wife, Irene, who was too distraught to care for them. 


Pierce, his older brother Reynard, and his older sister Kaitlin went to stay with their uncle and aunt, cloistered wizards in a nearby Kaer’s village. Uncle Aidan idolized his dead brother in much the same way that Pierce would come to idolize Reynard, as Reynard quickly grew to a strapping lad eager to take on his father’s calling. Filled with stories of his father’s exploits, Pierce hoped to some day follow him as well, and spent the days in bitter, mock rivalry with other children native to the Kaer, fighting their battles for Barsaive across the school’s lawn. 


When Kaitlin came of age, she immediately left to seek her fortune. It was not long after that word reached them that she had fallen in with a cult, obviously more shaken up by her father’s death and mother’s abandonment than either of the boys had been. Rumors of the cult’s dealings became more and more prolific, and Reynard soon set off to put his own training to the test. With a valiant band, he slew the horror that had formed the cult, and rescued their sister. 


Yet, with Reynard off finally growing his Legend, Pierce was left, barely a teen, to watch over their sister (deep in her cups most of the time to blot out the memories of the horror cult). Further, their aunt and uncle were gradually slipping into eccentricity borne of long studies into the occult, and their ability to support the family slipped with their minds, and Reynard’s silver sent home was little and infrequent. Nearly destitute, Pierce was forced to set aside his dreams of following Reynard to make ends meet for the family. Unfortunately, studies in courtly manners and heroics make fine subjects for a future swordsman, but poor education for a common laborer. For years, Pierce found himself limited to what odd jobs he could get around the area, doing what he could to get by for his family and himself. 


As many such men are wont to do, Pierce started looking for a way to financial stability that was less than honest. He met a girl, Dana, with some skill as a thief, and as their relationship grew, she pushed harder for him to help her move into the criminal rings in the area. For a time, they supplemented their income as small time bandits and smugglers between the towns in the area, until they crossed the wrong gang. In an ongoing series of repercussion and revenge, both Dana and Pierce’s godparents were killed in retribution. 


Having burned his bridges at the town that saw him through his teens and twenties, Pierce and Kaitlin moved back to Kasiari. There, they found that their mother, Irene, had remarried some years previously, and had a new young daughter named Bridgette. Her new husband wasn’t terribly happy to take in his wife’s failures by a dead hero, but was a good man and did so nonetheless. 


Finally safe and bereft of responsibility, Pierce took a cue from his sister and turned to drinking to blot out the sins of his past. Life as a bandit had at least taught Pierce a few skills with a blade, such that he could get some small pay as a guard in between other odd tasks around the town, where he met the other young and oldsters that would become Sol Invictus (some of whom he had memories of as a child). It continued this way for several years, with few in the town remembering him as anything but the old drunkard who failed his way back into town; there was little admiration given that he’d missed his opportunity to be a hero because of years of work to support a family. 


One day, Reynard returned, a Legend in his own right, perhaps a greater swordsman even than their father had been. But greatness as a hero has its downsides, and Reynard was slowly being devoured by a cancerous blight, a last trick of a felled horror; he had come home to see his family again before he died. 


Pierce was able to spend several weeks with the brother that he had idolized as a child but had heard little of as a man. Reynard cursed at what his absence had meant to his family over the years. During the days he worked Pierce harder than he ever had worked before to finally grasp the last tenets of the path of the swordsman. At night, he shared the tales of his recent exploits with famous folk throughout the lands. When Reynard finally expired, he left the majority of his wealth to the family to maintain themselves, including a nest egg for Pierce to finally buy gear befitting a warrior, but his items of magic and wonder were claimed by his order for their continuing battle against evil. 



The loss of yet another of his loved ones kept Pierce drinking to numb the pain, but it was also the pain of ongoing practice. Day by day, Pierce worked ever harder to master the art of the blade. By the time yet another wave of horror constructs attacked the town, forging local adepts young and old into Sol Invictus, Pierce had been ready to finally begin an adventure for some time, lacking only the catalyst. He told his family that it was at last his chance to make his mark upon the world, like his father and brother before him, and set out, perhaps a little unsteadily, into the world of Barsaive.




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