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Height: 4'      Weight: 120lbs

Race: Dwarf          Discipline: Nethermancer

Age: 18              Hair:            Eyes:

Racial Ability: Heat Sight 250 yds


Current Legend Points: 400/13800

Legendary Status 1


Attributes                  Step                     Action Dice

Dexterity: 10                5                           D8

Strength: 10                 5                           D8

Toughness: 16             7                           D12

Perception: 18             7                           D12 (+1, 800 LP)

Willpower: 19              8                           2D6 (+2, 2100 LP)

Charisma: 10              5                            D8




Physical 6, Spell 9, Social 6


Physical 3, Mystic 8


Dex Step 5, Armor Mod -1, Final Step 4, Action Dice d6


Full 50, Combat 25


Carry 70, Lift 135


Talents              Rank + Attr Step = Talent Step          Action Dice              Disc        Action      Karma     Strain

Astral Sight               1           7                    8                    2d6                    Y              N           N         1          (+1, 100 LP)

Karma Ritual             1                                 1                                                                                                  

Read/Write Magic      4           7                    10                   d10+d6            Y              Y             N                    (+3, 600 LP)

Spellcasting              4           7                    11                   d10+d8             Y              Y            N                    (+3, 600 LP)

Spell Matrix              4                                                                                                                                     (+3, 600 LP)

Spell Matrix              4                                                                                                                                     (+3, 600 LP)

Spell Matrix              4                                                                                                                                     (+4, 1100 LP)

Thread Weaving        4           7                     11                  d10+d8             Y              Y            N                     (+3, 1000 LP)

Durability                 4                                                                                                                                     (+4, 1100 LP)

Willforce                  4                                                                                                                                     (+4, 1100 LP)

Spell Matrix              4                                                                                                                                     (+4, 1100 LP)




Spells                            Threads               Weaving Difficulty        Range    Duration       Effect

Arrow of Night

Astral Spear

Bone Circle

Bone Dance                       1 

Chilling Circle

Command Night Flyer

Detect Undead

Experience Death

Fog Ghost

Shadow Whisper

Shield Mist

Spirit Dart

Spirit Grip                          0

Undead Struggle                 0





Fernweave Armor

Ferndask Shield

Daggers (2)


Graylian's Sigil (1 thread, 4 ranks, 1100 LP)



Scrimshaw (1)



Dwarven, Human



Path Magic (1)

The Horrors (3) (+2, 800 LP)

Read/Write Dwarven (1)

Speak Sperethiel (1)

Research (2) (+1, 300 LP)

Speak Human (1)



Death Rating: 55

Wound Threshold: 11

Unconscious Rating: 43

Recovery Tests: 3

Recovery Die: d12



Ordien is the son of Shandar, son of Gerrad, of the line of Adron. It has been five generations since any man of the line of Adron has initiated into a Discipline.


Long ago, the line of Adron was famed for many heroes; indeed, it was one of the most renowned families of commoners in the North. Then the Scourge came, and the family's many spellcasters fell victim to the Horrors and their unspeakable evil. Once the power of the horror-marks was known, the spellcasters went into exile, and the rest of the family followed them. Only a few ever returned to civilized lands, and none of those marked were among them. The once-proud line of Adron was reduced to a tiny handful of brothers and sisters when all of Barsaive sealed themselves inside the kaers.


When the kaers opened again, the family had rebuilt itself somewhat; most of the Kasieri kaer had forgotten the shame and suffering that had fallen upon them so many years before. All told, they thought little of the line of Adron. It seemed that there was no greatness left in them, though they had once been among the great.


This was the family into which Ordien was born. Though he was a simple plowman, Shandar saw the chance for something more in his son, and urged him to take up the mantle of the hero that their forebears had borne. Ordien shied away from this burden at first, thinking it easier and safer to remain among the crofters and simple folk of Kasieri, but in time he accepted his father's urging and presented himself to each wandering master in turn.


The swordmaster did not give him a second thought. Nor did the cavalryman or the archer. As each door closed before him, fear crept into Ordien's heart - fear that the only ways remaining to him would lead him to the Horrors, and destroy him as surely as his ancestors had been destroyed. When he met with the elementalist, the nethermancer, and the wizard masters to see if they would take him as a student, all three accepted, and after much deliberation he became a nethermancer, reasoning that it would give him the best chance against the Horrors. Even so, his own Discipline's Talents sometimes give him the shivers - and doubly so for the Blood Charms that some nethermancers create.


He doesn't have the creepy disposition that is so common among nethermancers. He wonders, though, if most nethermancers started that way, or simply grew more and more isolated from the concerns of their fellow dwarves as they learned more of the mysteries surrounding the Horrors and the undead. Will his own studies change him in this way? So he exaggerates his natural feelings of compassion and warmth to fend off any change in his own nature.

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