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Page history last edited by Christopher Mifsud 11 years, 9 months ago

Nethermancers are spellcasters who specialize in the magic of the netherworlds. Their magic focuses on other planes, and they can access the spirits and creatures that inhabit those planes. Most people consider Nethermancers to be a little "off" in an eerie sort of way, most followers of this Discipline are unlikely to win many popularity contests.


Important Attributes: Perception and Willpower


Racial Restrictions: Windling


First Circle Talents:

Karma Ritual

Read Write Language

Read Write Magic


Spell Matrix

Spell Matrix

Thread Weaving


Second Circle Talents:

Astral Sight




Third Circle Talents:

Spell Matrix



Use of Half-Magic:

Nethermancers may make Half-Magic Tests to recognize uses of nethermantic magic, different types of undead and spirits, and different types of magic rituals, especially blood magic rituals.


Nethermancers may also use Half-Magic Tests to sense the presence of spirits and other entities. To detect the presence of a spirit or entity, a nethermacer makes a Perception-based Half-Magic Test against the spirit's or entity's Spell Defense. If the test is successful, the nethermancer can sense the presence of any spirits or entities within 20 yards of his location, and can use talents or spells such as Spirit Talk and Spirit hold to communicate and interact with the spirit.


The gamemaster may also choose to make a Half-Magic Test on behalf of a nethermancer character any any time. If the test is successful, a gamemaster should inform the player that his character sense the presence of the some tupe of spirit. The player would then decide how his character will react to this information.


Nethermancers cannot use half-magic in this way to detect the undead, as nethermancers have a specific spell designed for that purpose.




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