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Mighty Throw

Page history last edited by Christopher Mifsud 12 years ago

Mighty Throw

Discipline: Warrior

Talent: Unarmed Combat

Rank: 7

Cost: 100


Mighty Throw allows a warrior adept to grab an opponent and throw him through the air. To use this knack, the warrior must be able to lift his opponent's weight. The warrior makes an Unarmed Combat Test as normal but must take 2 Strain Points. If the test succeeds, the warrior has grabbed the target and thrown him a number of feet equal to the test result. The warrior can hit another target with the trown opponent, if the Unarmed Combat Test result is high enough to give him a Good or better success against the second target's Physical Defense. When the thrown opponent lands, he suffers damage using a step number equal to the warrior's Strength + Rank in Unarmed Combat. Anyone struck by a thrown opponent suffers the same damage.


Thrown opponents are considered Knocked Down when they land, unless they make a successful Knockdown or Wound Balance Test against Unarmed Combat Test result. Targets hit by throw opponents ass 7 to the Difficulty Numbers of their Knockdown Tests if Wounded by this attack.

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