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The Death of R'ishann


In a dark hour of the night, on the (XX) day of (X), four men and one woman rose to defend the innocents of Kasiari. We were then Ordien Shandar's-son, Edgar, Leddy Ghrim, Corva, and Pierce Stechen Traverbero. We were then humble in station, our feet newly set on the paths of our Disciplines, but endowed with courage and vigor. In the dark hour of the night, undead with glowing eyes and wicked fangs attacked, and we rebuffed them soundly. Each of us showed our strength in turn; Edgar set weapons afire as I set the undead to dancing, while Leddy, Corva, and Pierce charged into the fray. Victory was ours indeed.


In the morning, the wizard Feala counseled us, saying, "These monsters are very like humans; perhaps they were once. In the town of Tardim there is another wizard, named Stratham. Warn the village of Tardim, and seek Stratham's wisdom." We set out on the southern road without delay, for it was two days' journey. We were attacked in the night by more undead, though these were unlike the ones we faced before. Well-versed in the lore of the Horrors and their servants, Corva knew them to be ghouls. We destroyed these enemies without hesitation.


When we reached Tardim the next evening, we each performed our crafts, as custom demands. The people of the town greeted us warmly, but seemed surprised by our tidings of danger. Why, had they not just a few days before sent couriers to speak with Feala in Kasiari? Thus we learned a little of how those ghouls came to haunt the southern road. Stratham had recently vanished, the latest in a string of disappearances. They permitted Edgar and I to search through Stratham's house for both clues and magical lore. As it happens, Stratham had grimoires of Elementalism, Nethermancy, and Wizardry, which we gratefully received. That night, they told tales of Tardim's great hero of past ages, Farliss the Troubador, who bore a knife named R'ishann's Bane. We heard many tales of his struggles against the Horror R'ishann. As we slept, each of us dreamt, and Sight came upon us. As is often the case, there was wisdom hidden in the dreams, but very difficult to decipher.


In the morning, we descended into the kaer of Tardim, for Stratham had been studying it in the time leading up to his disappearance, and others had gone missing there as well. What we found filled us with revulsion. Stratham had fallen under the influence of R'ishann, who dwelt in the kaer all hidden. He had brought several innocents of his own town to their destruction in the kaer as a result of R'ishann's control. At the last, Stratham had broken free, only long enough to write a few final words of confession and guidance. His words led us to a hidden door within the kaer. In each chamber, we faced cadaver men, each of which we struck down without hesitation. Edgar had been reading Stratham's Elemental Grimoire, and cast a few spells from it, though they stretched the limits of his abilities. Leddy, Corva, and Pierce were unflagging in their valor, even as each new battle sapped their stamina.


At last we came to the chamber where R'ishann waited. Even as he awoke and the wards binding him in began to falter, another group of cadaver men attacked us from behind, led by Stratham. I take no shame in the writing of the great fear I had there. Truly, I believed that we were doomed, and would soon stand among the cadaver men! But in that moment we grew into something more than five common people, and became SOL INVICTUS. Farliss's dagger passed from hand to hand, as the attacks from R'ishann and the cadaver men took their toll on us, but finally the Horror was destroyed.


Back in Tardim, we mended our wounds and enjoyed the hospitality and gratitude of the town. In the morning, we returned to Kasiari to tell Feala of the things we had seen and done.


The Northern Wilds


Though we had begun to forge a legend in the battle against R'ishann at Tardim, we had learned no more of the strange human-like creatures that attacked Kasiari in the night. As they originally came from the west, we journeyed in that direction to seek some sign of them. Now the north country is full of tiny villages that don't appear on any map, many of them built about a day's travel apart along the road.


Heirmon of Parlainth


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3


Ordien's Notes on Skin Binding

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