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Page history last edited by Christopher Mifsud 11 years, 8 months ago


Step Number: Rank + Charisma Step

Action: Yes

Skill Use: Yes

Requires Karma: No

Strain: None

Discipline Talent Use: Weaponsmith


The Haggle talent allows characters to drive a bargain when buying or selling. A character makes a Haggle Test against the customer's or merchant’s Social Defense Rating. If he is successful, the price rises or falls by 5 percent of the cost in favor of the character. Merchants or customers with the Haggle Talent (or skill) can also make a Haggle Test; a successful result could adjust the price in their favor.


The character may continue to make additional Haggle Tests for the same deal as long as he fails a Haggle Test, he can no longer bargain for this transaction. The maximum number of Haggle Tests a character can make for any transaction is equal to his Haggle Rank.


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