Forge Blade

Forge Blade

Step Number: Rank +Perception Step

Action: Yes

Skill Use: Yes

Requires Karma: No

Strain: None

Discipline Talent Use: Weaponsmith


With the Forge Blade talent, a character can improve the Damage step of any melee weapon. To use this talent, the character must spend at least 1 week working on the weapon at a blacksmith's forge. At the end of that time, he makes a Forge Blade Test against the weapon's Damage Step. If the test is successful, increase the Damage step of the weapon by +1. A character may use Forge Blade on a single weapon a number of times equal to his rank in Forge Blade. This limit includes failed uses of the talent on that weapon.


Characters with this talent often charge others for the time they spend using it. The base rate to forge a special weapon is 50x a number of silver pieces equal to the character's talent rank per week. This charge is in addition to the actual cost of the weapon.

Despite its name, the Forge Blade talent may be used to improve any melee weapon, not just bladed weapons. The name came because people with this talent originally made their reputations by forging swords and daggers.