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Fire Heal

Page history last edited by Christopher Mifsud 12 years, 2 months ago

Fire Heal

Step number: Rank + Willpower Step

Action: Yes

Skill Use: No

Requires Karma: No

Strain: None

Discipline Talent Use: Elementalist


The Fire Heal talent poses certain risks for low-Circle magicians, who generally begin with relatively low Wound Thresholds and Death Ratings. Successful use of the Fire Heal talent grants a character extra Recovery Tests. A failed Fire Heal Test burns the character. To use the Fire Heal talent, the character must build an open fire large enough to completely engulf him or her.


The character declares how many extra Recovery Tests he is attempting to gain with this talent. Fire Heal requires 30 minutes for each additional Recovery Test the character desires. He or she must attempt to gain at least 2 Recovery Tests. The character makes a Fire Heal Test using a Difficulty Number determined by the gamemaster. Then the gamemaster rolls 1D6 for each Recovery Test the character attempts to gain. If the character's Fire Heal Test is equal to or higher than the gamemaster's dice roll for the fire, the character earns the Recovery Tests and makes them normally. The Recovery Tests remain available for 24 hours after the successful Fire Heal Test. If the gamemaster's dice result is greater, the character automatically takes a Wound, plus a number of Damage Points equal to the difference between the Fire Attack Test and the Fire Heal Test. This damage can result in a second Wound.


The Fire Heal talent requires the character be in full contact with the elemental power of fire. If a spell or item protects the character from fire, the Fire Heal Talent has no effect.


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