Experience Death

Experience Death

Threads: 1

Weaving Difficulty: 6/12

Range: 20 yards

Duration: 3 + Rank minutes

Effect: Willforce +5

Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense


The nethermancer casts this spell on a corpse to see and experience everything the dead character experienced at the time of his death. the nethermancer touches the spirit world to recreate the events of the character's death. If the Spellcasting Test is successful, the last few rounds of the target character's life are played out, equal to the duration of the spell. The nethermancer senses everything from the point of view of the deceased. Unfortunately, this includes taking any damage the deceased suffered.


The nethermancer then rolls the Effect dice, the result giving him a pool of extra Damage Points. The first damage done to the nethermancer comes from this pool, not from the chracter's current Damage. Once the character's Current Damage exceeds the amount in the pool, the nethermancer begins to take damage normally.