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Height: 4' 1”     Weight: 121lbs

Race: Dwarf         Discipline: Elementalist

Age: 65              Hair: Brown           Eyes: Blue

Racial Ability: Heat Sight 250 yds


Current Legend Points: 0/1800

Legendary Status




Attributes                  Step                     Action Dice

Dexterity: 10                5                           D8

Strength: 10                 5                           D8

Toughness: 16             7                           D12

Perception: 17              7                           D12

Willpower: 18               7                            D12

Charisma: 10               5                            D8





Physical 6, Spell 9, Social 6


Physical 3, Mystic 3


Dex Step 5, Armor Mod 0, Final Step 5, Action Dice d8


Full 50, Combat 25


Carry 70, Lift 135




Talents                 Rank + Attr Step = Talent Step       Action Dice        Disc        Action      Karma     Strain

Fire Heal                   1          7                     8                  2d6                  Y               Y             N             N

Durability                   1                                                                             N              NA           N             N

Karma Ritual             1                                 1                                          N              NA           N             N

Read/Write Magic     2           7                    9                   d8+d6            Y                Y             N             N

Spellcasting              2           7                    9                   d8+d6             Y               Y             N              N

Spell Matrix              2                                                                              N              NA           N             N

Spell Matrix              2                                                                              N              NA           N             N

Spell Matrix             1                                                                              N              NA           N             N

Thread Weaving      2            7                     9                  d8+d6             Y              Y            N



Spells                            Threads               Weaving Difficulty        Range    Duration       Effect

Air Armor

Earth Blend

Earth Dart

Flame Weapon

Flame Hand

Hunter Sense

Lightning Bolt

Moon Glow

Plant Talk

Purify Earth

Purify Water

Resist Cold

Resist Fire

Small Slayer 




Leather Armor


Daggers (2)






Sculpting (1)






Dwarven, Human




Elementals (2)





Death Rating: 43

Wound Threshold: 11

Unconscious Rating: 34

Recovery Tests: 3

Recovery Die: d12



Edgar Hornswallow, ninth son of Elaine and Douglas, was born in the town of Kasiari. His mother Elaine worked as a healer's aide and part-time juggler, while Douglas was a teamster and esteemed ventriloquist. When he was a young lad, his older brother Donus became part of a singing group known as The New Humans and Dwarves in the Cairn. Donus had originally convinced Edgar to be join him in this endeavour, but Edgar had no desire to continue with his brother down this path once he learned of the groups spun sugar cane and squeaky clean image. Edgar decided to forge his own musical path, and, with the help and encouragement of his brother Donus, began performing frequently for the town, often boxing or lifting weights during his performance in order to show off his well-muscled torso. This lead to reknowned dwarven artist Herbo Rittsin to draw several portraits of Edgar clad in garments of his design in order to help move his wares more efficiently. 


Soon after this, Edgar took a new career direction, deciding that entertainment was truly his calling. His first step was to drop the use of his dreadful last name. After that, Edgar was the lead and supporting role in several traveling theatre productions. Most recently, Edgar portrayed a powerful performance of a high ranking member of a royal guard in the kingdom before the fall. In this gripping play, the criminal element is seeking to be eliminated by the king, only to find that he has members of his own guard working for the criminal mastermind. Edgar's performance was masterful and he earned critical acclaim from many, including his mother. After the play's run, he was approached by noted playwright Piotr Iacksen to star in his next performance. 


The spotlight grew too much for Edgar to endure, so he took his vast earnings and used them to learn magic and the ways of the elementalist. His considerable acting skills are used frequently in conveying messages from the plant life itself. He never forgets his humble roots, however, making sure to inquire on the health of the family members of those he comes across, and making sure they impart his greetings to their mothers, who undoubtedly raised them well.



Journal - (It is safe to assume Edgar shares this with everyone, since he's pretty confident in his universal appeal)

Ensemble work has it's advantages. You know how in plays the hero always has to go into battle with the villain, and fight for his life to save a town/woman/child that he met in the last day or so? Quite often it ends in the hero's death. This is to show how tragic his tale his and what a wonderful example of self-sacrifice he is presenting. The best part of an ensemble is that even though you might be the guy that everyone came to see, and let's face it, I totally am, there is a qualified and reasonably talented troupe with you. This leads you to have someone else eat the steel-laden death scene for you, while you might still end up with the lady. It's nice to know that the rules of the theater apply to the rules of the road. I'm travelling with a group pre-made for theater stardom. We have Leddy, a nice enough bloke, and you can practically hear the unwashed masses walking around in their pedestrian lives endlessly quoting him. He's got scene-stealer written all over him. What's even better, he's got comedic timing down. Nothing breaks the tense mood of combat like Leddy winding up for a wicked axe blow, only to completely miss and swing around in a circle, and then try to dodge a blow and land on his rear. Hilarious! I appreciate his living the role as it were, but you have to wonder, will he pay the ultimate price for his art? Keep at it though Leddy, your untimely death might be the audience clincher that we all need. Let's face it though, Leddy isn't the likeliest to die. I am also travelling with Ordien, a nethermancer. It's really equal odds at this point whether or not he's possessed by the spirits he's commanding and either attempting to destroy us, or being instantly torn asunder. He's definitely got my vote for most likely heroically tragic death. If he doesn't die though, the rules of theater dictate that he gets the happiest ending for having the worst role. So either way, it's going to be grand. We also have Corva. Corva dances around and is pretty much demanding to be the center of attention. She rushes into combat, she's got a foul mouth, and she'll likely try and prove something and get someone killed because they will be heroic and save her. This would normally be what I have to do. Luckily, being part of the ensemble, other people will probably do this. I'll avenge them though, in a winning, fantastic manner, thoroughly winning over the audience. Sometimes it's good to know your role. Next we have Pierce. Pierce is comforting to me in a way, as he reminds me of my home. Nothing says family to me like seeing a man getting absolutely smashed before noon and then spending his time beating things, most often to death. The ladies in the audience are likely to swoon a bit over his self-destruction, but I have a hard truth for them. I've seen him and Dorian with the "brandy sharing". I think he really like the "sword play" if you get my drift. That leads directly to my next compatriot, Dorian. If anyone is going to meet their death and save me from part of a hero's fate, it's Dorian. Children will identify heavily with him, and then be subsequently scarred when his child like glee is crushed from his body by a marauding Horror. He'll have several narrow escapes before that though, and then, when the audience least expects it, a Horror will step out of the shadows and BAM, so ends Dorian's life. Don't worry friend, we'll all live to have excellent epilogues, probably invovling money and women. Nathan is with us too, but right now he's just hired muscle. Some wizard shoved him our way, and now he's in the performance. Anyway, I'll go ahead and right down my final draft predictions now.

Leddy - survives, becomes a legend due to some sword or hammer or something, probably raises a bunch of kids, retires as a thane, probably in a mountain

Pierce - dead in a gutter, can't live with the legend built up by the performance after it opens, mourned by fans everywhere

Dorian - dead by Horror in an unexpected manner, family becomes cherished by community

Ordien - probably survives, equal odds on terrible fate as vessel inhabited by tremendously powerful Horror or scholar that sets other adventurer's on their course in the future, sitting on oodles of silver, gold and magical artifacts that he doles out, Hierman style

Corva - survives, is forever haunted by the memories of the person who sacrificed his life so she could live, becomes embittered and lives alone in a forest

Nathan - sorry man, someone has to be the sacrifice, I bet it's the new guy

Edgar - probably becomes the king of some place, has statues built, likely has groupies, cherished by all, opens a series of restaraunts that are hugely successful


More to follow... 


Do you know what's awesome? Throwing ice maces at people. That shit explodes. SHARDS OF ICE. It's like glass, only more awesome, because it's ice. Some of these people go on and on about swords and shields and legendary daggers of child slaying or whatever Leddy is getting into. The point is, none of that is made of ice, nor does it explode on impact. Though I guess if Leddy made things explode on impact that would be equally as cool. I started writing my own play today. So far there are vampires, dwarves made of metal, and probably pumas. It is going to be the high impact event of the summer touring season. Watch out Barsaive. As part of this visionary, ground-breaking play, I think the main character will be named Phenixx Jacobs (two x's make it seem more action packed) and he'll wield a giant flaming mace and say things such as, "Mace I ask you something?" or maybe "Hey man, where's the fire?". Audiences are sure to feel a strong sense of identification and know that the play has strong realistic roots. I'll have parts of everyone. I just need to give Corva an eye patch and get her to start smoking heavily. It will add to her mystique.


I just thought of a wonderful title for the play. Blood Saga of the Blood Wood: The Bloody Tale of Bloody Good Adventure, in three parts. I'm fairly certain the audience will be receptive to a yearly expanding of the story involving the same characters. Corva will have to have a kid of some sort, probably long forgotten so she's close to our age, that we have to rescue, probably in the fourth play. The third play can involve a diabolical horror that is after all of the treasure in Parlainth, particular those in bar form. The second will have to involve sky raiders...I think I'm on to something here. 


Do the horrors have a barrister? Someone I could talk to in a legal sense about infringing upon my intellectual rights? We just fought a horror named The Shadow that had a bunch of worshippers and was apparently just an evil face. I wrote a play about this six years ago, only I called him the Horrible Shadow Face of Razorfire Gorge. He was a horror in man form that stalked the shores of Lake Razorfire, located in Razorfire Gorge, where the young adults of the nearby cairns gather for fun during the halycon days of summer. Horrible Shadow Face stalks from camper to camper, eliminating any camper involved in the throes of passion, or any camper who's not a human. He is a horror that feeds on the terror of others, as well as their flesh, maybe, the audience doesn't ever see that part. He probably makes puppets of them, making them dance, maybe playing ping pong, it's heavily implied anyway. Regardless, this is an awful lot like the horror we just fought. I deserve a lot more silver than what we got from that lout.


I wonder if there is a horror that is fed by avarice. We should find this Horror, wherever he or she might be, and enter into the battle royale that is inevitably occuring in the town upon which the horror is feasting. Corva would have to go in first, and pretend to be a good person. Then she could join the school there and begin to take classes and befriend the children of the town. After dating the leader of the cool, yet bullying, leader of the gang, she will break up with him. I will go into the town around the same time and take up residence as an old and mysterious handy man for all the people of the town. Shortly there after Leddy, Ordien and Pierce will move into the town as well. Ordien and Pierce will both start attending the school and appear to get Corva interested in them, making the cool leader and his cronies very upset. Even though I don't know this guy's name, he seems like a Johnny. I'll call him Johnny anyway. Johnny and his friends will beat up either Pierce or Ordien several times over the course of months. During this time, they will both come to me and I will start to let them help me with my caretaking chores and I'll start to teach them ways to beat up people, but in the clever guise of chores and tasks. At some point during this, Nathan, Doran, and probably Leddy will form a band and start writing songs. Eventually Ordien or Pierce will be challenged to a battle royale tournament that is hosted by the horror that I mentioned before. There will be a cash prize associated with winning this tournament, which will cause people from all over to enter, and that's how the horror feeds. Anyway, for no apparent reason, Ordien or Pierce will enter this tournament and be really amazing. Corva will curl her hair and look upon the tournament nervously. Unfortunately Ordien or Pierce will fall over after having their leg swept and I will have to use my incredible skills, which are plentiful, nay, bountiful, and I will heal them. In the final battle, Ordien or Pierce will used some sort of attack, probably named after a bird, and one of them will defeat this evil Johnny. After this we will get some money and a trophy, and then have to fight this horror. We will probably drive it off and have to repeat this theme at least twice more, maybe using Corva as the lead in the scheme during the fourth time we fight the horror. I will write this one down too. It would make a pretty fine play.


Today, after playing a rousing game of backgammon with Leddy, I had another brilliant idea for a play. Many spirits are used for nefarious purposes by horrors. As a group we fight the undead as a whole, I suppose specializing in vampires and vampire related activities. Identifying bite marks, making garlic bread, sharpening stakes, carrying around salt mixed with silver, the usual stuff. What if there was a group though, that specialized in fighting only the incorporeal spirits of the deceased? I imagine this would be incredibly hard to prove to those not blessed with extraordinary powers, like I am. People who are not following the path of the Adept most likely wouldn't have any clue what these spirits are, and probably don't even believe in them, despite research and powers of combat to the contrary. What if the play centered around a small adventuring group that was first met with disbelief and forced to deal with anyone who would talk to them, then eventually brought to the forefront when it proved that they were indeed combating the forces of evil. I was thinking that the Horror behind this increase in spectral activity could be something related to a fallen demi-god or deity. One worshipped in ancient times and remembered only though rituals of sacrifice as a god of interdimensional travel and destruction. One that manifests its powers based on the fears and fantasies of others. I was thinking something that primitive people who built clay buildings and lived on flood plains would believe is a  benevolent god...something like Gouzhur, that sound about right to me. Gouzhur would definitely be a Horror as opposed to a horror if you know what I mean. Gouzhur would probably have at least a minion or two of fairly sizeable powers. I was thinking that since they were worshipped by a primitive people they could symbolize the quest for knowledge and lasting legacy, maybe something about a gate and a key. I would most likely base the main characters off the people I know, as that's the way things generally work out. Creative license would prevent me from having to pay anyone, but I don't need the money and I'm a swell guy, so I would. I like my friends after all. Ordien I could rename something like Ordegon. Leddy could be Raeddy. Nathan, as the odd man out could easily be renamed to Weston. Corva could play the primary female lead and we could even leave her name as Corva and just take on a family name, maybe something like Barritt. I would play Piotr Vehnkmunn. At first we would be forced out of the Library and we would make our way to Parlainth in order to set up shop. We'd barely have enough funds to start a business, most of which Raeddy would squander on a rusted carriage, and at first Corva would be our only client. However, business would pick up and comical spectral elimination would follow. The case involving Corva, Ghouzer and the two minions would ramp up and eventually be the crux of the play. Raeddy would be responsible for the ultimate catastrophe that is in process of destroying all of Barsaive, in the form of a giant made of sweetbread. Probably beer bread. Beer bread is pretty delicious. Corva would turn into a dog monster, a shadow hound or something similar and we'd have to save her. At the end we'd combine our magicks, which we advised against earlier in the play to destroy the interdimensional portal and banishing Ghouzur to another realm. We'd be seen as saviors of Parlainth for a period of time...until the bills of damages roll in. At which time the city would turn against us and we'd have to go our separate ways. Eventually another catastrophe would threaten the city and we'd be called back into action. I will think about how to write that play up as I get the chance.

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