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Dying Oath

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Dying Oath

A dying character can also use sacrifice magic to extract a dying oath from another character, usually to perform a specific deed such as avenging the dying character or finishing a task or quest that the dying character is forced to leave undone. The dying oath binds the character to perform the deed and provides that character with additional ability to do so.


Both characters must willingly and knowingly enter into the dying oath. Once the surviving character has sworn the oath, the character calling for the oath dies. The surviving character must fulfill the oath within a year and a day.


The surviving character receives the dying character's remaining Karma Points. The player marks these points in a separate place on the surviving character's record sheet, as these Karma Points may only be used for tests related specifically to the task that the character has sworn to perform. This Karma may be used for any test that the surviving character performs to fulfill the oath, even if the character cannot normally spend Karma Points on those tests. These Karma Points cannot be replenished after they have been spent.


A character who fails to fulfill a dying oath loses the Karma Points he received from the oath. In addition, the character loses the ability to regain any Karma Points for a year and a day.

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