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Doran Greyson



Height: 5’5"           Weight: 120lb

Race: Human        Discipline: Thief

Age: 18                 Hair: Brown   Eyes: Brown



Current Legend Points: 51/7575 

Legendary Status



Attributes                  Step                     Action Dice

Dexterity: 21                8                           2d6

Strength: 13                6                            d10

Toughness: 11            5                            d8

Perception: 16             7                           d12

Willpower: 10              5                            d8

Charisma: 8               4                             d6






Physical 11, Spell 9, Social 5


Physical 4, Mystic 4


Dex Step 8, Armor Mod -2, Final Step 6, Action Dice d10


Full 85, Combat 42


Carry 105, Lift 210



Talents                 Rank + Attr Step = Talent Step       Action Dice        Disc        Action      Karma     Strain

Air Dance               1             8                    9                    d8+d6               N             N              N             1

Karma Ritual          1                                                                                   N             N               N            N

Lock Pick                3            6                    10                d10+d6                 Y             Y               N           N

Melee Weapons      3             8                   11                  d10+d8              N             Y               N           N

Silent Walk             3               8                11                   d10+d8             Y               Y              N           N

Surprise Strike        3               8                11                   d10+d8             Y              Y               Y           N

Versatility               1                                                                                   N             NA             N           N

Climbing                2               8                 10                   d10+d6               Y               Y               N          N

Picking Pockets      2               8               10                    d10+d6               Y               Y               N          N

Durability                4               NA               NA                                        N                 NA             N         N

Throwing Weapons  3               8                 11                  d10+d8            Y                 Y               N          N

Avoid Blow              3              8                 11                   d10+d8            N               N               N            1






Broad Sword


Crystal Ringlet




Sculpting (1)




Dwarven, Human





Alchemy and Potions (1)

Barsaive History (1)






Death Rating: 52

Wound Threshold: 8

Unconscious Rating: 40

Recovery Tests: 2

Recovery Die: d8





Doran Greyson, youngest of seven, son of the youngest of seven, is largely considered to be a miracle by his parents. The boy has been climbing anything and everything that hecould get a grip on,and the fact that hehasn't plummeted to his death yet is nothing short of divine providence, to hear his parents tell it. As an adventuresome youth with a head for heights, this meant eggs for breakfast and a well thatched roof for an overlarge family, so his treetop expeditions were not discouraged, and for his part Doran liked the opportunity to get out of the crowded house. 


     Doran soon discovered another advantageous perk to his hobby. Other people never look up. By climbing, Doran had been able to place himself out of sight, and out of mind, since he was a mere ten years old. From his perch in the nettle trees that grew in the center of town, he could spy on the townsfolk when they thought no one else was watching. He saw the younger children being nasty to each other when the adults weren't around. He saw the newly married Daila Stonesthrow kissing a man who wasn't her husband. He saw a merchant's guard beat and rob the tavern waitress after everyone else had gone to bed, and the next day he saw the same waitress steal his breakfast from a food stall in the market.


     Such an education as this was not lost on a bright boy like Doran. Doran was learning to do the same sneaky things he saw from the older adults. He broke into locked houses when no one was home to practice with locks, and he found he was equally good at following people throughout town without being seen. Finally, on his eighteenth birthday, he tested newfound skills on one of the people who had begun his education. Having developed a fondness for the pocket picking tavern waitress, Doran was pleasantly surprised to find that the same merchant who's guard beat the young lady years earlier was on his way back through the town. Again, the guardsman spent most of the afternoon drinking heavily near where the trader caravans stop at the edge of town, and again he started stumbling into town looking for trouble, but this time Doran found him before he found the young waitress. Doran ambushed him from a darkened alley, bashing the guard in the head with a rock. The guard collapsed. The young man wasn't about to be troubled by this turn of events, however. He hoisted the man over his shoulder and hauled him out into the woods, careful to stick to the shadows all the way. After pilfering through the man's pockets, making sure he was still breathing, and taking his armaments, Doran figured it would probably be a good idea to make himself scarce for a few weeks. Fortunately, a group of adventurers were set to leave town in the morning...





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