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Height: 5'9"           Weight: 145lb (Build: Athletic)

Race: Human        Discipline: Warrior

Age: 19                 Hair/Eyes: Long Red/Grey



Current Legend Points: 0/1800  

Legendary Status



Attributes                  Step                     Action Dice

Dexterity: 14                6                           D10

Strength: 15                6                           D10

Toughness: 15            6                           D10

Perception: 10             5                           D8

Willpower: 14              6                            D10

Charisma: 9                4                            D6






Physical 8, Spell 6, Social 6


Physical 8, Mystic 3


Dex Step 6, Armor Mod -1, Final Step 5, Action Dice d8


Full 65, Combat 33


Carry 135, Lift 270



Talents                 Rank + Attr Step = Talent Step       Action Dice        Disc        Action      Karma     Strain

Acrobatic Strike       1           6                    7                       D12               N             Y               Y            N

Air Dance                2            6                   8                       2D6                N             N               N           1

Anticipate Blow       1            5                   6                        D10               Y              N               N           1

Durability                1                                1

Karma Ritual           1                                1

Melee Weapon        2           6                   8                       2D6                Y              Y               N           N

Throwing Weapons  0           6                   6                        D10               N              Y               N           N

Tracking                  2          5                   7                        D12                N             Y                N           1

Unarmed Combat    2           6                   8                        2D6                 Y             Y               N           N

Versatility                                                                                                    N             NA             N           N

Wood Skin               2            6                   8                       2D6                Y              Y               N           N




Troll Sword

Battle Axe

Hide Armor (Bear)




Wood Carving (1)




Dwarven, Human





Trade Routes (1)

The Horrors (2)





Death Rating: 38

Wound Threshold: 10

Unconscious Rating: 29

Recovery Tests: 3

Recovery Die: d10




Traveler's Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, breeches, traveler's cloak)

Adventurer's Kit (back pack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, waterskin)

Carving Tool

2 Booster Potions

1 Healing Potion



1 Horse (Percival)



Corva is no native to Kasiari, that is to say she was not born there; she was left there with an old woman, a carpenter by the name of Valery Brisbaine. Valery taught Corva the art of wood carving, how to read, write, and speak Dwarven, and Corva often accompanied Valery on trade trips. She began to practice with weapons discarded by a smith in town in order to protect Valery on the road. Since then, she has adopted the role of a silent sentinel over Kasiari, though she does not go out of her way to let anyone in on her secret vigil held on so many sleepless nights.


She is restless, especially since learning her true origin on one of her trips with Valery. Although she has kept it a secret from the townsfolk she was raised with, it is no secret that Corva has been inquiring as to the origin of passing caravans and riders lately.  


Serving the Sol Invictus is different than fighting for them. Corva travels with this motley in order to track her way to the inevitable end to all her questions: Lake Vors. These motives may be selfish, but she has yet to care. She is an extremely observant person, her silence often inspired by the need to watch and listen, and this group has definitely caught her attention. True, they may be the best way and excuse to leave Kasiari, but they are also an intriguing blend of personality. As Corva travels with Sol Invictus, she continues to watch them, and listens very, very closely.


Corva is calculating, intelligent, and aside from her subtle, personal quest, the only other person she cares for is Valery Brisbaine. Whether or not this is the reason she watches over the town at night is unknown, for she says very little. Her fighting style is brutal, born more out of instinct than discipline, and perhaps it has been in her blood since she was first brought screaming into this world. Something else is making its presence known in her, and although it helps her and her traveling companions find the way from time to time, she is more frustrated by its manifestation - and even great lack of explanation - than pleased.


Only time will tell.




We have explored the ruins of a long dead metropolis, and Doran is back in the city. Defeated Horrors that would turn your very mind. Or turn you inside out... as one case had it. The weaponsmith - Leddy - showed some prowess... enduring a room of Horrors so we could defeat them. He is brave, or stupid. Would someone like him really die for men like these? They piss themselves, They complain, and everything must be discussed - necromancers, elementalists... all mages are the same no matter how fancy their station becomes. Everything must be explained, and for such creatures that toy with the very fabric of reality, they sure have an aggravating way of cultivating an over-abundance of rationality. At least the swordmaster has an over-abundance of alcohol... seems to help.


...Still... I would not be here if it weren't for them.


There is someone new in our group - Nathaniel. He acts like a coward, but I am sure his not one, not with shots like that. His marksmanship is impressive, no coward shoots like that. I wonder where he learned to shoot that way.


I feel stronger these days. Faster. I still do not know why I can track the way I can. Or why my thoughts wander late at night. Why I watch over them when I could give less of a damn about them. They are truly pathetic, and I find myself not believing this as I used to. they were better off at the village... sometimes I miss home.



Journal II 

We traveled in the Blood Wood. I had never seen anything like it. My travels with Valerie had only taken me so far. Wandering among the trees that bent to the will of elves put a piece of the world and my own life into perspective. The world is truly bigger than I could have ever imagined, and some of us are very small with in it. The elves make me uncomfortable, there are secrets in their paintings, and nature should never bow to no one.


Before we reached the woods we encountered bandits in the road. I charged… I always do. There is still so much I have to do and so little time, I cannot afford to be held back. I hesitated in my swing, and for that I was rewarded an arrow. Some childish notion made me believe, for an instant, that he would not hurt me…


We settled in a roadside tavern, they took their own rooms, and I kept to my own. I took the watch, since sleeping has not come so easily the past few nights. I don’t know what keeps me up. Probably the same thing that has me up now… writing this. We were attacked that night, but we fought off our would-be assassins.


Two attacks a breath away from one another – we have been noticed.


We reached our destination, and stayed with the elves. As the blood ivy was gathered, we investigated slavers in the area. The whole mission brought us to the foggy threshold of a cursed town where a Horror resided, living on slaves brought to it by the slaver – Fagis Cole. By the time we had handled the Horror and brought peace to the cursed souls within the conspiracy within the elf court was more than clear.


We had the Queen’s blessing… I –


(the rest of the page is torn out, the entry continues on the next)


Hmph. Blessing from the Queen of an infiltrated, corrupted court. Should I really be so grateful? If it means we keep moving, then fine.


I know how the other feels. I think I do. Let them feel how they want, they were born with choice, and they have every right to express that. To suspect and to watch - I’m not here to impress them; I’m not here to be their comrade. To care. This “bond” that keeps surfacing disturbs me. I do not see the point in binding myself to the citizens of a village that (ink scratches).



With everything


What would 


Should I leave?


Journal III


Really need to get better about writting writing in this. We have found out more on our monster ('duaga') and the Blood Wood and a new threat. When we were resting, I left my quarter and explored. I could never seem to shake the guards, not that I tried very hard. I found more information on the Scorched Riders, the band Valery mentioned last year. Apparently, their encampment - Lake Vors  - is very close to these woods. I would have slipped away, but we were on the move again.


I have a name for my pain, and it is Ordien. The boy, and I cannot stress this title enough, is the fly in my life I cannot seem to shoe shoo away. He assumes to know what he is talking about when he insults me. I do not mettle in his petty little existence and business, I hardly even speak to him. What reason does he have? Our leader, and I cannot roll my eyes enough, should focus on his path and not mine, though both have the ability to rip him up should he tread wrong on either.


Better than everyone else... Does having this much anger, and the ability to cleave living beings in two make me better?


Still more bickering, no one can seem to put their heads together on anything. Perhaps Ordien is not the only "boy" in this troup.


At least Doran and Pierce keep to themselves, at least Edgar is an old thing doesn't know any better than to be cynical. I used to shine a mean light on the old man, but now I found he is quite useful. His ability to talk with nature is noteworthy, it has helped us many times. 


I cannot help but look up to Nathaniel and Leddy. They are two honest men. Even if they suspect me of anything, they don't seem to let it affect them. If anything keeps me from leaving this circle, it is them. I only hope that we trail further south. Perhaps I can have some questions answered.


I do not speak much, because I am not good at it. My speech is in my blade, and should anyone bring a foul intention to me, I will show them just how expressionate I can be.


I need some sleep. My head is killing me.


Journal IV 

Back in Haven. I am surprised I have time to write, we are usually building camp at this hour. The city was raided tonight. We did what we could, but many people were lost tonight. I've taken a couple potions, but these wounds have a heartbeat of their own that will keep me up until the next potion kicks in. I could not help but think of Valery, and hope for her safety. The old woman can take care of herself, no doubt about it, but I cannot help but worry. 


And miss home. 


I discovered a band of Riders in Haven earlier. They had stories to tell, so I bought drinks and just listened. I probably should have been paying more attention to the matter at hand, but I could not help myself. It's the closest I've been to my own origins. I asked if they knew anything about a child left behind in Kasiari. 


They said they didn't know, and I bought them another round. When I asked what it took to become one of the raiders, they pointed to the horse outside. This might be my last journal entry as a member of Sol Invictus.


However. I have come to a point where this group might mean a little more to me than I originally intended.


Honestly, I originally intended just to use them to get where I needed to go, to gain experience and money before striking out on my own.


I don't understand why some of them are nice to me when I have been so cruel. It's foolish and stupid to think that such kindness can sway someone. They're lucky I'm young and foolish and stupid enough to actually start falling for it.


Maybe it's not the group that keeps me here. Maybe it's not something.


Maybe it's someone?


I think that is enough for tonight, and I think I will see the Riders off tomorrow morning.


I think my place is here. For now, anyway.


Oh, and Ordien?


Stop reading my journal.



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