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Bracers of Firewind

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Bracers of Firewind

Maximum Threads: 2

Spell Defense: 15


Ornate engraving and gems decorate both bracers. The ruby-studded Fire bracer features images of flames. The sapphire-studded Wind bracer features images of clouds and storms.

Thread Ranks


Rank 1

Cost: 300

Key Knowledge: The wearer must learn that the bracers are Named the Bracers of Firewind.

Effect: The bracers grant the wearer a +1 step bonus to his or her Spellcasting and Thread Weaving (Elementalism) talents. If the wearer does not have either of these talents, he or she gains them at Rank 1.


Rank 2

Cost: 500

Effect: The wearer can throw bolts of fire and air up to 50 yards, at a cost of 1 Strain Point per bolt. Throwing a bolt requires a successful Spellcasting Test against the Spell Defense of the intended target. A successful attack with a fire bolt does Willforce +2 steps of damage. On a successful attack with the air bolt, the wearer makes a Willforce Test. The target must make a Knockdown Test against the result of the this test; if the target's test fails, the target is knocked down.


Rank 3

Cost: 800

Effect: Adds 1 to the wearer's Physical Defense. Additionally, the fire bolt does Willforce + 4 steps of damage and the Step Number for the air bolt is equal to the wearer's Willforce + 2. The target must make a Knockdown Test agains the result of this test; if the target's test fails, the target is knocked down.


Rank 4

Cost: 1300

Deed: Unknown worth 2100 Legend Points

Effect: The range of both types of bolts increases to 100 yards. The wearer also gains the powers of fire shield and wind shield. The fire shield works in a manner similar to the Lightning Shield spell, but with an Effect step of Willforce + 2. The wind shield deflects incoming attacks with a concentrated gale of air. To use this power, the wearer makes a Willforce Test against the result of the Attack Test. If this test succeeds, the wind shield deflects the attack. Using either type of shield costs the wearer 1 Strain Point. Each shield may be used only once per round, though both may be used at the same time against the same target.


Rank 5


Effect: Adds +1 to the wearer's Spell Defense. Additionally, the effects of the fire bolt and air bolt increase, to Willforce +6 and Willforce +4.


Rank 6

Costs: 3400

Effect: Adds +1 to the wearer's Physical Defense. The range of both bolts increases to 150 yards and the wearer gains +2 Steps to his or her Spellcating and Thread Weaving (Elementalism) talents.


Rank 7

Cost: 5500

Deed: Unknown worth 5500 Legend Points.

Effects: Adds +2 each to the wearer's Physical Defense and Spell Defense.

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